Randy and Angela Shur are well known for their pie shop on Mount Airy's Main Street, which opened last year. People come from miles around to purchase their delicious pies, custom cakes, and baked goods. If you've eaten a pie during the pie eating contest last year, it was most likely from Miss Angel's, which surely made the contest a pleasure to win! You can even watch the pies and other goodies being made in their front window, and everyday they are well stocked with sweet treats they make fresh every day. You are sure to get exactly what you want when you walk in the door! 

Randy creating a strawberry shortcake delicacy...

and putting on the finishing touches.
But, at night when the shop closes, and some pies are left sitting on the counter, what happens then? Since her baked goods are made fresh, without preservatives, they don't have a long shelf life, so she donates these goodies to those less fortunate. They work with organizations such as Friends Feeding Friends and The Shepherd's House, a 24-hour emergency shelter for the homeless. 
The Shur's are definitely a wonderful asset to our community, as they volunteer, are involved in the community in many ways, and have created jobs for some in the community, whether it be at their pie shop, or in the farming industry. They use the fruit from their own orchards for their pies and turnovers, but now since demand is growing, they even hired a full-time employee to manage their farm. 
What started as a solution to their orchard abundant in fruit, has turned into a thriving business that proves hard work, dedication, and a gift of the entrepreneurial spirit can produce positive results for many. The Shur's love their new location in Mount Airy, and the town has embraced them as well. Their store that has brought a unique and fun stop for tourists and locals, and even benefits those less fortunate. Thank you for setting a great example for our community and our visitors, and creating delicious treats to put a smile on our faces!  Your business is a gift in many ways. To see more photos, click here, or to acces their website, click here.

Beautiful cakes with fresh fruit and creme frosting.

Gorgeous all-occasion cakes for that special day.