Mayberry Radio is on the air around the corner and around the world. Powered by, Mayberry Radio is the brainchild of Steve Martin and Joe Dellinger, owners of Yesterdays in Mount Airy. "The idea came to us a few months ago, and we actually passed it on to a friend of ours," said Martin, "But after thinking about it for a week, we decided to take the plunge and do it ourselves," Dellinger said.
Mayberry Radio is part of a vast and ever growing network of internet radio stations that are programmed by people who are passionate about many different kinds of music. "Here in Mount Airy, the hometown of Andy Griffith, we decided to program the music that Mayberry fans and local folks could all enjoy," said Martin. Mayberry Radio plays the artists featured on the Andy Griffith Show, including Andy himself, the Dillards (Darlings), Jim Nabors, plus local musicians and north Carolina favorite sons and daughters such as Earl Scruggs, John Coltrane, the Easter Brothers, Tommy Jarrell, and many others.

"North Carolina has a host of musicians in almost every music genre," said Dellinger, "and we discover more almost every day."

Currently the station has about 10 hours of programming, but plans to have much more in the near future. "We are working on our website and from there we hope to expand into other areas, such as podcasting and local videos. We are also working on the station IDs and public service messages for the station," said Martin.

"The only thing holding us back at this point is time," said Dellinger. "Our store, Yesterdays, keeps us busy, so we work on the station when time allows." he continued.

"We have high hopes for Mayberry Radio, and so far our faith in the idea has been justified," said Martin.

The station has gotten hits from all over the world, including Australia, China, India, Peru, and even Albania. "Who knew there were Mayberry fans in Albania?" Martin asked.

To listen to Mayberry Radio, go to in Mayberry on the station and listen as long as you like.  It's FREE!