As I sat down at Leon's for lunch yesterday, it was dreary, rainy day.  I suddenly noticed a very cheerful, friendly vibe coming from all who worked behind the refreshing! This was my first visit here, and I did not really know what to expect, but soon I realized everyone was laughing and smiling, and suddenly, I knew I picked the right place to stop for lunch. Even the owners, Vickie and Paul Riekehof, were joking with customers and having light conversation, as if it were a family reunion. But amazingly, my service was even better than most restaurants I've encountered in my lifetime. Smiling, attentive waitresses, fast service, clean counters, good food...and then I met Vickie. She was a joy to talk to, and asked me and many of her customers throughout the restaurant if they needed anything. I could tell she really cared about them as she went table to table.  She was holding a card in her hand, reading the note attached and I asked her about it. It was from one of her customers of 24 years who had been in the hospital. Vickie had taken her some food, as she was concerned for her long-time patron. The woman had sent her a thank-you note, and that had put a smile on Vickie's face. "I am a big fan of thank you cards," she said.  Vickie cares about her customers and her community and at times takes left-overs from her restaurant over to the Shepard's House. "I love doing what I can to help others," she said. I left Leon's Burger Express that day with an extra "zip" to my step, a smile on my face, and looking forward to my next visit back.