If you've shopped at F. Rees Company in the past 4 decades, Tommy Barker has most likely waited on you! He has worked at F. Rees for over 40 years and says he has enjoyed every minute of it. "I love coming to work everyday and taking care of our customers", he said.  I could tell he is the perfect man for the job, as he was lots of fun to talk to today -very genuine, personable, and full of great stories. He also has many fond memories working with "Flip" Rees back in the day, stating, "I really miss Flip. He was a wonderful person." Tommy may be terrific at helping you pick out your next suit or shirt and tie combination, but he also has another creative outlet you may not know about. He creates custom built birdhouses and sells them on Etsy! If you'd like to see his fun collection, click here for a peek!