Darrel Miles of Mayberry on Main is a hot sauce specialist. Originally from New Albany, Indiana, he said he never even tried hot sauces until he met his wife, Debbie. It's not because of her cooking, either (Debbie pointed out while laughing). Her father introduced him to the idea and now Darrell has taste-tested hundreds and displays the empty bottles on his Wall of Flame (about 1/4 of them), along with 400-500 other varieties of unique hot sauces available for sale. 

Darrel and Debbie have been married 36 years and moved here over 6 years ago after he retired from a career in manufacturing. They thought about all of their favorite places they visited over the years, and when it came time to move and begin a new phase of their lives, they decided to return to Mount Airy and open their store, Mayberry on Main.

Even Mayberry has their own hot sauce. Darrell says he started with mild flavors and eventually graduated to the hotter side. He takes a bottle of hot sauce with him every time they eat out, and never eats anything without it. "If I can't put hot sauce on it, I don't eat it!" 

If you'd like to try some of Darrel's unique hot sauces (he doesn't carry common sauces you can buy at the grocery store) he is waiting for you every weekend with about 7-8 different selections at the store. "Every time we go on vacation somewhere, I bring back hot sauces to try. I can't wait to try new flavors", he says.

"Some folks just like to buy the hot sauces because of what is on the label and never open the bottle, but I have tried every flavor I sell. That way I can help my customers find the perfect hot sauce they are looking for", said Darrel. 

Did you know that every presidential election provides a new bottle for the shelf? Some are serious, some funny. There are many crazy sauce labels and Darrel and Debbie say they love listening to their customers laugh at the creative names and sayings the bottles display.

Along with sauces, they also offer ketchups, BBQ sauces, salsa, pickles, beans and jams...all hot and spicey!  Darrel says he loves to put hot jelly on his biscuits in the morning, hot sauce on his pizza and burgers, and instead of butter on his vegetables, you guessed it, he splashes on the hot stuff. "I eat hot sauce in everything except my coffee, but I will say that I am never sick. Hot sauce is good for you too!"