I want everyone to meet Cayden Talbert, he is a very special little boy. At 13 Bones ribs*steaks*seafood ,Saturday September 20, 2014, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his wish grantors Leslie and Ted Aronovitz had a party for his wish to go to LegoLand at Disney World.Cayden has been battling “Evan’s Syndrome,” an autoimmune disease in which an individual’s antibodies attack their own red blood cells and platelets, since his heart transplant last year. Please check out my FB page whatsupinmountairy.com to see his photos and videos of his party. He is an amazing little boy. Mayor Deborah Cochran proclaimed September 20th Cayden Talbert Day.

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Congratulations to Ben and Brittany!

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Friday, December 21, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 

Owner Ben Misay popped the question and this article in the Mount Airy News tells all about it! It's a great story and we are very happy for this wonderfully creative Mount Airy businessman and his future wife.

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Becoming an honorary Mayberry Citizen

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Saturday, September 22, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 
Read this article about the idea created by Mayberry's "M.A.D." men, and you'll find out how you or a Mayberry fan you know can become an honorary citizen!


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Wyatt's Trading Post Raffle Winner

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Friday, August 17, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 
Wyatt's Trading Post had a Christmas in July sale and provided everyone throughout the months of June and July to purchase raffle tickets to win a Jim Shore Santa. 

Jessica Spencer was the winner of the Santa, which is valued at $2000! Proceeds from the raffle were donated by Wyatt's Trading Post to Surry SCAN. Congratulations!

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Darrel from Mayberry on Main loves his hot sauces!

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Friday, July 20, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 
Darrel Miles of Mayberry on Main is a hot sauce specialist. Originally from New Albany, Indiana, he said he never even tried hot sauces until he met his wife, Debbie. It's not because of her cooking, either (Debbie pointed out while laughing). Her father introduced him to the idea and now Darrell has taste-tested hundreds and displays the empty bottles on his Wall of Flame (about 1/4 of them), along with 400-500 other varieties of unique hot sauces available for sale. 

Darrel and Debbie have b...
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Do you know Tommy Barker?

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Thursday, July 12, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 

If you've shopped at F. Rees Company in the past 4 decades, Tommy Barker has most likely waited on you! He has worked at F. Rees for over 40 years and says he has enjoyed every minute of it. "I love coming to work everyday and taking care of our customers", he said.  I could tell he is the perfect man for the job, as he was lots of fun to talk to today -very genuine, personable, and full of great stories. He also has many fond memories working with "Flip" Rees back in the day, stating, "I rea...
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WhatsupinMountAiry.com's photographer with her pride and joy

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Saturday, April 28, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 
You've seen her out there photographing all of the Mount Airy events and might wonder who she is! This week, our photographer, Regina McIntyre, has been busier than usual, as she just became a Grandma for the first time! Congratulations to Regina and her family.

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Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies is a heavenly gift

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Thursday, April 19, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 

Randy and Angela Shur are well known for their pie shop on Mount Airy's Main Street, which opened last year. People come from miles around to purchase their delicious pies, custom cakes, and baked goods. If you've eaten a pie during the pie eating contest last year, it was most likely from Miss Angel's, which surely made the contest a pleasure to win! You can even watch the pies and other goodies being made in their front window, and everyday they are well stocked with sweet treats they make ...
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Mayberry Radio on Live365.com

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Friday, March 23, 2012, In : Mount Airy Residents in the news 

Mayberry Radio is on the air around the corner and around the world. Powered by Live365.com, Mayberry Radio is the brainchild of Steve Martin and Joe Dellinger, owners of Yesterdays in Mount Airy. "The idea came to us a few months ago, and we actually passed it on to a friend of ours," said Martin, "But after thinking about it for a week, we decided to take the plunge and do it ourselves," Dellinger said.
Mayberry Radio is part of a vast and ever growing network of internet radio stations tha...
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